Comfortable in a quiet and refined environment

Monte BorgĂ  Room - Green

The old chest recovered in the house, the the reflection of light through the glass on the lichens and mosses collected in the woods. All this gives a magical touch.

Neutral Room - White

Romantic atmosphere with attention to detail, ideal for making your trip unique. Generous in space, welcoming and warm.

Cima Manera Room - Pink

Rustic and unique with a stone wall and the old window. An extension made over time typical of rural buildings.

Monte Duranno Room - Red

The old door becomes the headboard of the bed - a door to dreams. The wooden logs recovered from the roof come back to life by acting as bedside tables. The red in the upholstery warms the environment by giving off positive energy.

Pramaggiore Room - Beige

The loft roof makes the environment warm and enveloping like the secret playroom. The handmade wooden hearts are the main principles making the stay romantic.

Monte Raut Room - Blue

Very generous in space. In addition to the master bedroom, it has a welcoming lounge for moments of relaxation. the room can be suitable for families with a maximum of 5 beds. The refinement and attention to detail makes it special giving it a unique character.



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